Branding | UI/UX | Web Development
Micro Count is one of South Africa’s leading cleanroom and air quality specialists, providing disinfection and decontamination solutions for hospitals, laboratories and cleanroom environments. Lightswitch helped execute the brand identity, define the user experience, design the user interface and custom develop the website. Added to this we worked closely with the client on various other pieces of their print and digital collateral to ensure brand consistency.
Clean and trustworthy, modern and professional. The branding needs to live in a very sensitive environment and instill trust as a recognisable high quality line of product and services. At the same time play out on various forms of print and digital collateral so structural integrity and various size and colour applications is important.
Modern frontend technology meets user friendly content management system. Micro Count wanted the ease of updating content themselves and the advantages of leveraging off of a modern frontend framework. So we built an integration with WordPress's API as a headless CMS with VueJS for the frontend which allowed us the world of customisation and scalability, without the bloat.
User Interface
The key objective here was to display professional and technical content in an easy to digest manor, whilst funneling the user through industry relevant ranges of specialised products and services. Clean visual representation as well as clever interpreted charting and iconography was key in delivering the value of the solutions provided.