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Project Overview

Aon Risk Navigator

AON are true pioneers, wanting to find and develop new ways in which to add value to their clients. They’ve done this through their understanding that true risk mitigation is a journey, one that requires them to be walking with their clients, side by side. They needed a team that could translate this creative solution into results.

Project Summary

Creating strategy through personalised journeys

This was achieved through the development of an industry first app. The app takes its user along a journey, one filled with learning, reflection and the opportunity to engage directly with some of the leading risk management minds in the country. Engagement was a critical piece of the app. Users need to know that their journey and outcomes are specific to them & their businesses needs whilst communication needs to be real and with the people who can help them most.

The truth is, we’re grateful to AON for giving us the opportunity to work with them on something this unique, this challenging but most of all, this engaging.


User Exprience

Having a system aimed at C suite clients means polish and lots of it. Users would need to be able to interact with it in quick bursts during the day resulting in bite sized bits of content being delivered. The system would need to gather sensitive corporate information without feeling intrusive.

The Solution

A gorgeous app that’s intuitive to use and handcrafted to clients’ needs with the ability to grow and fill any need that arises. A simple app that contains a wealth of knowledge at a moment’s notice and the ability to change the way one views risk.


The system has received overwhelming feedback from clients that have used it and, internally, the rest of Aon is scrambling to implement this unique solution in the rest of the world.

“Aon have enlisted Lightswitch to develop and build the Aon Risk Navigator App – They have seamlessly worked with the Aon team to develop this dynamic product, including working with the Enterprise Risk Management, Marketing and Business Development team, as well as Aon’s international IT department. Lightswitch have taken this journey with us to create an innovative app right from concept development through to implementation and delivery, which could see a shift in how organisations view and interpret risk going forward.”

Nicole Grobbelaar

Enterprise Risk Market Analyst

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