From the fiery pits of hell we emerged... Just kidding... But yeah, we did start out in a garage! You can find out more about that chapter of our lives further down the page.

The year is 2012 - You know how it goes, the assemblage of a few companions, one things leads to another and all of a sudden you have a tech startup. Our story is a little different though...

Naive or not, the founding team have remained dedicated to a startup culture and one of a 'bootstrapping' approach. Our initial vision though, of partnership and incubation has not waivered and we are lucky to call ourselves equity partners in at least four other startups that we have helped build from seed phase. As we do so ourselves, we continue to assist with growth in a tech partner role.

That fateful night in the garage in Cape Town solidified our vision and ideas for helping provide tech to assist with distributed education and eLearning which has always been close to our hearts. Education, something too hard to come by for far too many yet most liberating once found! We set our sights on changing Africa for the better. Those of you that know us well will remember what it means to us...

A simple evolution:

As with any business, we have endured many challenges, not least of which has been to remain true to our identity, something which is not always clear.

Lightswitch has matured into a business less focused on the grandiose, instead applying ourselves to solving problems in the here and now - Dedicated to making an impact TODAY, we have evolved into a team of problem solvers helping clear the path for innovators in business, education, retail, insurance and finance sectors.

A few of the things we have sought out to do:

  • Lightswitch bring together the most incredible talent, a team seeking change and a better world to live in.
  • We solve real world problems for real customers using innovative, scalable tech solutions.
  • As a bespoke, web-based software development company at heart we are able to remain at the coalface of startup culture and assist in new exciting ventures whilst retaining the professionalism and scale to service blue chips.
  • The commercial operations allow us to drive R&D and afford the necessary focus to our special projects.
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