Developing an approach to software development in an environment that spans agency style web development, enterprise level software as a service (SaaS), CMS addon development, internal projects, core software for our startup partners and believe it or not, even more, has proven tricky...

We know full well that these are problems that many in our broad industry face but the nuances of multiple revenue models and flexibility of the project variation we take on comes with a need for discipline in staying focused and streamlined in dev ops.

How have we done this whilst spanning both web and mobile apps?

We've remained at the forefront of development tech stacks

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Agile & Our Build Phases

Lightswitch offers a phased approach to all software development, understanding that all builds no matter how far into the life cycle requires:

  • A properly laid out brief - Critical for context and stakeholder context
  • Functional system specification
  • Wireframes and / or prototypes
  • High fidelity design
  • An Agile approach to software development

Lather, Rinse, repeat...

Due to the varying needs of our customers we use a time-boxed approach to our sprint cycle. Every two weeks, all our planned work is addressed, discussed and kicked off.

We try as much as possible to stay clear of monolithic releases and focus on what is critical to taking your business to the next level as quickly and effectively as possible.

Much of what we do is exploratory and can be likened to R&D, planning doesn't always account for every eventuality which is why we test, test, test and test some more - Integrated testing and system monitoring is an ongoing part of our builds.

Maintenance & SLA's

At Lightswitch, we understand that systems should be maintained regularly and largely under the watchful eye of experienced, skilled developers. We know equally well that expensive retainers and unfavourable Service Level Agreements put noone in the pound seat and breed frustration when money falls into a black hole and little return is seen.

We look at all of our Service Level Agreements on a case for case basis in much the same way we would analyze the business requirements for a software release, thus making sure we can deliver maximum value and longevity of the code and business processes we are mandated to maintain.

Chat to us and find out more about our bespoke maintenance and management services.

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